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Media Strom

For us, sleep is the greatest
source of energy & wellness for a better life!

We are the company that for 50+ years now, we have managed to make sleep and its improvement, into Science!
Thus, we upgraded it, to exceptional levels!
We are very proud that for over half a century we became part of the life of the Greeks!

We dream of a world where you will sleep well and live better!

This mission leads our every action, every day and every moment!


For 50+ years
we give energy to people’s lives
Creating sophisticated sleep systems
that combine our passion, our experience, know-how,
science and advanced technology.

The first orthopedic mattress The first orthopedic mattress is true for the entire Greek market and the brand MEDIA STROM is born.
The first retail mattress store We open the first retail mattress store in Greece
Launch of MEDIOTEL Product Series. Establishment of a special Hotels Support and Service Department
First Latex mattresses Launch of the first mattresses from Latex foam, in the Greek market
Bedrooms import and distribution Import and sale of bedrooms made of wood & metal and bedroom furniture from Italy.
First pocket spring mattress in Greece
Optimum series Creation of the revolutionary Optimum mattress series, that changed everything we knew about good sleep
Franchise network development
Participation in the Milan International Exhibition
Shop in Shop network development
E-shop launch
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification Our products are certified with the global certification OEKO-TEX Standard 100, against harmful substances for the entire mattress
Product of the Year Award for innovation, for Optimum series

Our people

Live and work to make your life better

We have
life -time relationships
with our people!

Through these relationships, unbreakable bonds of love and trust are created both with our products and services, and with you, who have placed us in your heart – and your bedroom – all these years.

Our values

Give energy to our dreams for a better future

Lead every day

Courage to lead and take a new step, every day!

Act as one

Inspiration, design and implementation by a group of people who think and act as one!

Passionate for
quality & Reliability

Passion only for the new, for the complete, for the elusive, for the perfect!

Love our country

Love for our home, our foundation, our beginning!

We are here to create
a world of relaxation, full of energy & wellness

We are the ultimate destination

for the most advanced sleep systems you have ever dreamed of.

We create sleep experiences
you never imagined

With a scientific approach and human passion, we create products of perfection, sophisticated design, according to the latest international trends and tested in extreme conditions, with the sole purpose of offering you the most enjoyable and relaxing sleep for a better life!

We are the game changers
in sleep technology

The methods we apply for the production of our sleep systems are unique and combine the most up-to-date technology with long experience and high know-how.

Our passion is to create unique service experiences

Our people are our great strength. The unique experience, knowledge and love with which they approach the people who honor us while coming to one of our stores, are the attributes that make the result of every chosen sleep system, Excellent!

We give life to the sleep

We are proud that we are the largest sleep products industry in the country and that we are leading the continuous upgrading of the industry, thus the sleep and life of the Greeks.

We ensure the perfect quality of sleep,

to make you wake up full of energy

Acknowledgment of our efforts,

gives us energy to keep going

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